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How to Fix an Android Phone Not Making or Receiving Calls featured image

Are you experiencing issues with your Android phone not making or receiving calls? This can be a frustrating problem to deal with, but fortunately, there are several potential solutions..

How to Fix Fast-Draining Battery on Samsung Galaxy Phones featured image

From adjusting your phone's settings to reducing battery-draining apps and replacing your battery, we've got you covered with effective solutions to extend your Samsung phone's battery life. So, whether you're dealing with a software glitch or hardware issue, read on for the ultimate guide to fixing your Samsung phone's battery-draining issues.

How To Fix The “Mobile Network Not Available” Error on Android featured image

From resetting your network settings to updating your phone's software and checking your SIM card, we've got you covered with effective solutions to get your Samsung Galaxy connected to the mobile network again. So, whether you're dealing with a hardware issue or a software glitch, read on for the ultimate guide to fixing the 'Mobile Network Not Available' error on your Samsung Galaxy.

How To Unlock A Disabled Apple ID featured image

Luckily, there are ways to unlock an Apple ID in most situations. In this article, we’ll explain how by focusing on two main scenarios: if you forgot your password and if you cannot access your old email address.

177+ Free USSD and MMI Codes For Android And iPhone (2023) featured image

We have a collection of the full MMI and USSD Code lists for iPhone and Android (Samsung Included)..

Android & Samsung Secret Codes: USSD & MMI Code list (2023) featured image

If you decide to use these secret codes / USSD codes, they can help you troubleshoot your phone if it has any problems or gives you access to new features that are not normally available. Keep in mind that using these codes might reveal sensitive information about your phone or prompt the device to make changes without your permission.

Solve “Unfortunately Settings has stopped working” on Android featured image

If you are experiencing an "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped working" error on your Android smartphone or tablet, here are some tips to fix the problem: Google has created many different versions of Android OS, which unfortunately means the experience on some of these versions have not been as smooth as we would have liked..

How To Fix Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code On Android featured image

Android phones are great, but you may face some issues from time to time. That's just part of the experience.

How to set a mindfulness reminder in the Calm app on Android featured image

If you set a reminder, you will practice mindfulness daily.undefined.

How to change the password in Calm app on Android featured image

Here's how to change password on Calm app on Android.undefined.