Windows XNUMX Update: Features That You Don’t Want To Miss

Windows XNUMX Update: Features That You Don’t Want To Miss

Windows XNUMX was first released on July XNUMX, XNUMX, which receives regular updates since then. One major update was made on August XNUMX, XNUMX, named the Anniversary Update. The Creators Update was also released in April XNUMX, while the Fall Creators Update should be out in the Fall of XNUMX.

Optionally, you will become one of the lucky patrons to receive the Windows updates, if you sign up for the Insider Program. Take note that this update will be free to users with computers running Windows XNUMX only.

Le point sur les créateurs d'automne

This update is called the Creators Update because of the creative features that it contains. Here are some things that you should expect to come from this update.

  • Story Remix – this feature should be similar to the Memories that you have on iPhone. Thus, it would create edited videos from the images and videos found on your device automatically.

Moreover, you can use the Windows Ink, which enables you to draw or write on the video, provided that you are using a touch screen device.

  • Timeline – the improved ‘Task View’ feature is called the Timeline. Upon clicking the Task View button, you would see the current apps, as well as the stuff you spent time working previously.

Such would work across devices running Windows XNUMX because it can store information in Microsoft Graph. Microsoft calls this the intelligent fabric, helping connect the dots between people, such as projects, conversations, and content within the Microsoft Cloud.

  • Continue Where You Left Off – even as you have an unfinished project, you can continue doing it on another device. This means that you can extend your tasks to other devices with the use of Cortana. It can even be used on Android and iPhones if developers would build in the functionality.
  • Control Center – a screenshot of the official Windows blog was taken before it was even removed. This shows the modified Action Center with shortcut toggles, as well as brightness control.

The Action Center would remain, but the Control Center would be new and separate.

  • Fluent Design – some graphic changes will be brought by the update called Fluent Design. Although not a major update, it would introduce Acrylic, blurring, and animations that are more consistent and simpler. According to sources, this would be similar to the Aero interface that was introduced in Windows Vista.

Such updates will be able to change the look and feel of some native apps of Windows XNUMX, which include Groove to be opened up to developers. The logic is to make a new interface to work across all devices running Windows.

  • Clipboard – this might sound familiar to all, as copying and pasting have been used by many. However, the Creators Update would blow your mind as it would allow you to copy and paste between connected devices. So, whether you are on your phone or PC, you can take advantage of this feature, as it is a cloud-based clipboard.



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